Important Update:

Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, all in-person programs have been canceled until further notice. Our team developed virtual curriculum and we are now holding STEM sessions online!

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Current Program Models

Theater and mental health 

Students engage in an interdisciplinary approach to storytelling, drama, and mental health. By exploring the elements of storytelling, scriptwriting techniques, and information about self-care, students are inspired to create original on stage mini skits and monologues. 

Creative Writing And Fantasy

This course teaches creative writing techniques and delves into a focus on fantasy storytelling. By exploring how creative writing is incorporated into existing stories and movies, students are inspired to create their own stories.

Exploring STEM Concepts

Students investigate STEM-related topics and understand their importance in the real world. This program integrates career exploration, interactive activities, and student collaboration as students create original STEM projects focused on their fields of interest.   

Summer 2019

The REACH team led a creative writing workshop with a social justice and personal development focus for a cohort of twenty 4th-6th grade students.


By the end of the summer, each student had created two well-revised portfolios of individual writing work, as well as engaged in meaningful discussions about personal connections to a variety of fictional texts. 

Topics addressEd


Social Activism



Climate Change

Gender inequality

Socioeconomic Class


Realistic Fiction


The Student Experience

Students learned the elements of story telling and poetry during this 7 week session. They learned how to communicate and collaborate with volunteers and their peers.



Goal: Create a finished hardcover book of original stories and poems inspired by the program.

Selected Student Topics: 

I Can't Focus

My Flowers

Fighting For Race

A Soccer Game

My Name


Princess Rose 

Time: Is it Real?
A Magic Pencil!

The Missing Rubik's Cube

Are You Okay?

My Video Games