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Kids Drawing

Our Start

Students in low-income communities often do not have access to affordable extracurricular opportunities. Founded in 2018 by 2 NYC high school students, REACH is an effort to provide students with the inspiration and skills necessary to discover, experience, and pursue their passions. We believe that every child, regardless of income, deserves equal opportunities to explore, learn, and reach for the stars. 

Our Unique Model

REACH hosts workshops for middle school students in the form of original and interdisciplinary mini-units covering a variety of interests such as dance, drama, photography, creative writing, poetry, introduction to journalism, debate, sports, social activism, and the visual arts. In order to build student confidence, we also offer structured time for homework assistance, guidance about high school admissions, and any individualized student support.

Kids Painting

Our Goal

Unlike other organizations serving low-income families in the form of academic enrichment programs, REACH aims to enrich student interests through extracurricular programming. We believe there are not enough affordable opportunities for students in low-income communities to develop their interests outside of the academic field. Through student-led programs, led by dedicated volunteers responsible for building positive student and family relationships, our students are encouraged to feel inspired, creative, and curious. 

Our Location

REACH serves low-income communities in the Bronx. Currently, we host programs with students from Zerega, Westchester Square, Castle Hill, and the Parkchester area. 

Note: Since we are transitioning to a remote model, students outside these neighborhoods may also participate. 

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